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Beginning of the Year Activities


What is World Cultures Image Analysis Activity and Lap Book  – examine the difference between society and culture as students visit different centers on the regions of the world.



Thematic Instruction

Limited and Unlimited Types of Government with Google Slides and ELL Mods – in this activity, students will learn about the different types of government, take notes on a Cartoon Note graphic organizer, and then play a sorting game or Boom Cards.  Google Slides are included for distance learning.


Religions of the World Activity with Google Slides – this activity examines the major religions in the world.  It can be used in a variety of ways and includes Google Slides and Boom Cards for distance learning. You can see what the Boom Cards look like here – Religions of the World Boom Cards


Understanding Economics and Factors of Production – help your students understand the basic principles of economics and the Factors of Production with this resource.  It includes a vocabulary game, readings, Doodle Notes, and scenarios to analyze.


Active Notes Strategy Manual


World Cultures Word Wall Terms for a Year 2022