13 Colonies and American Colonies Presentation and Writing Activity

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What do your students know about life in American Colonies? Allow students to experience what life in the colonies was like by taking them on a “carriage ride” through the American Colonies as they learn about the history, geography, and economy of each colonial region.

***Updated August 2017 with a complete version for ELL students or 5th grade***

Hire Ben Franklin as your “tour guide” and allow him to take you on a carriage ride through the colonies. As your students experience the carriage ride, they will take notes on their graphic organizer about the geography, economy and history of each region. After each region, students will go to a “carriage stop” and learn more specific information on Boston, Philadelphia, and Williamsburg. Each carriage stop will require the students to read and write summaries. At each stop, students will summarize their learning with a journal entry or postcards. This activity truly brings American history to life as students see, hear and experience the colonies.

Your ELL students will benefit with the additional opportunities for visuals and discussion embedded in the lesson. A preview, graphic organizer and processing assignment is provided for the Interactive Notebook.

Your purchase includes:

– A 63 page presentation to guide your students through the 13 Colonies on a carriage ride

– 3 Carriage Stops with more specific information on Boston, Philadelphia and Williamsburg.

– 35 pages of images and content make up these 3 carriage stops.

– A lesson plan that guides you through the activity

– Summary starters for your students to write postcards about each of the places they have visited

– Graphic Organizers of carriages and a journal for note taking and summarizing


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