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My World Cultures bundle has lesson plans and activities for different units throughout the entire year – from What is World Cultures? at the beginning of the year to activities for Africa and South East Asia. Each of these resources involve an Interactive Student Notebook component and are designed for maximum engagement for your students. Every resource is a complete lesson for your classroom. Included in this bundle are a variety of resources designed to support World Cultures TEKS in each of your unit. These activities will support instruction throughout the year and many include Google Slides™.

Products included in this bundle:
What is World Cultures Activity for 6th Grade Social Studies
Geography Map Terms Games
Types of Government – Unlimited vs. Limited Government with Google Slides™
Earthquakes Case Study on the Great Alaskan Earthquake with Google Slides™
Central America and the Caribbean Escape Room Activity
Africa Safari Activity to Introduce Africa
Issues in Africa Centers and Google Slides Activity
Christmas in Austria Holidays Around the World Activity
Monsoons for Distance Learning or Google Slides
Discussion Strategies for Social Studies
Group Work Contract and Debrief Cards Activity
Social Studies Teaching Strategies Manual with Google Slides™
Word Wall Connection Cards Game
First Day of School Activities
Social Studies Lesson Plan Template
Social Studies Skills Anchor Charts
Social Studies Brain Breaks Teaching Ideas
Principles of a Just War Activity with Google Slides™
Strategies for Teaching Vocabulary with Google Slide™ Templates
Comparing North Korea And South Korea Activity With Google Slides™
Oil And Water In SW Asia And North Africa Activity With Google Slides™
Islam With Doodle Notes And Google Slides™
Christianity With Doodle Notes And Google Slides™
Buddhism With Doodle Notes And Google Slides™
Sikhism With Doodle Notes And Google Slides™
Confucianism With Doodle Notes And Google Slides™
Judaism With Doodle Notes And Google Slides™
Hinduism With Doodle Notes And Google Slides™
Religions Of The World BOOM CARDS For Distance Learning
Religions Of The World With Doodle Notes And Google Slides™

In addition to classroom activities, I have also included all of my INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES FOR SOCIAL STUDIES!

✨This is a growing bundle! As I create resources for World Cultures, you will receive them here. ✨

✨Please download the preview for each resource for pictures in action and a small sample of what you will receive.

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