Door Slaps – Formative Assessment

The latest buzz in education involves formative assessment. All of the administrators are asking for it, but what are some different ways to do it? Try a door slap! You can find this and other great ideas in my Social Studies Strategy Manual. 
What is it?
The Door Slap is an alternative version of the exit ticket strategy that requires students to write responses to a prompt you pose at the end of class.
How Does It Work?                                                

1.    At the end of the lesson or five minutes before the end of class, ask students to respond to a prompt you pose to the class.
2.    You may state the prompt orally to your students or project it visually on an overhead or blackboard.
3.    You may want to distribute sticky notes for students to write their responses.
4.    As students leave your room they should slap their responses on the outer perimeter of the door. Alternative:  Questions on the left side, prompt responses on the right.
5.    Review the sticky notes to determine how you may need to alter your instruction to better meet the needs of all your students, and/or as a warm-up discussion for the following day.

Why use it?

Door slaps help students reflect on what they have learned and express what or how they are thinking about the new information.  In addition, they take just a few minutes and provide you with an informal measure of how well your students have understood a topic or lesson. This strategy easily incorporates writing into social studies content as it requires students to think critically.

An Example:

Door Slaps are a great way to get instant feedback!


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