Gain Full Access to all of my U.S. History Resources

What does a membership with Social Studies Success get you? Immediate access to hundreds of teacher-tested,  quality U.S. History resources. Engage your students with hands-on history activities, discussion questions, primary sources, songs, images, Doodle Notes, and student accessible text.  A membership to Social Studies Success will provide you resources to engage your students for less than a dollar a day. Purchase a membership and let’s work together to revolutionize Social Studies instruction.

Membership gives you access to all of my U.S. History lessons – from Exploration and Colonization through Reconstruction. Each of these lessons include previews, graphic organized notes, and processing assignments and are designed for maximum engagement for your students. In addition to these lessons, you will also receive GAMES to review for end of the year testing: task cards, card sorts, dominoes, spoons, and more!  A membership will also give you all of my Social Studies teaching strategies, including anchor charts, word walls, and vocabulary instruction.   

Do you need to differentiate instruction for your students? I am strongly committed to providing ELL RESOURCES for teachers. All of the lessons are modified for ELL students including sentence stems, modified readings, Word Wall images, and discussion opportunities! In addition to modified resources for ELL students, I have also included resources to help you raise the rigor for your GT and PreAP students. 

What about digital resources? Many of my resources also include Google Slides™ and more will be coming throughout the year.

Change grade levels? Contact me if you want to switch to 7th grade resources or to cancel your account. Confused about how the membership works? Think Netflix – you have access to the resources while you are a member.  If you cancel, you will no longer have access or permission to use the resources.