Social Studies Teaching Strategies

  • Group Work Contract and Debrief Cards Activity
  • Interactive Notebook Bundle
  • Interactive Notebook Starter’s Kit
  • Kaboom! Game
  • Prop Box Play
  • Social Studies – Image Analysis
  • Social Studies – Reading Strategies
  • Social Studies Anchor Charts
  • Social Studies Brain Breaks Teaching Ideas
  • Social Studies Teaching Strategies Binder and Manual
  • Social Studies Writing Strategies
  • Discussion Strategies for Social Studies
  • Teaching Tips for Social Studies

Starting the School Year Off Right!

  • Back to School – Interactive Notebooks
  • Back to School – Textbook Scavenger Hunt – Text Features
  • Classroom Jobs for Texas History
  • First Day of School Artifact Introduction Primary Source Activity
  • First Day of School Classroom Scavenger Hunt
  • Why Study History? Reading and Doodle Notes Activity
  • US History Eras Word Wall and Images

  • US History Word Wall for the Year


  • Early English Colonies: Roanoke, Jamestown and Plymouth
  • 13 Colonies – American Colonies Presentation and Writing Activity
  • 13 Colonies Activity
  • 13 Colonies Review Game
  • 13 Colonies Task Cards
  • Colonization Hexagonical Thinking

American Revolution

  • American Revolution Battles and People Doodle Notes and Stations
  • American Revolution DBQ – Reading and Writing using Primary Resources
  • American Revolution Games
  • American Revolution Sequencing Activity
  • American Revolution Task Cards


  • Roots of the Constitution Doodle Notes
  • Constitution Lap Book
  • Articles of Confederation Readings and Doodle Notes
  • Constitutional Convention Readings and Doodle Notes
  • Ratifying the Constitution – Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists Debate
  • Bill of Rights Readings and Doodle Notes
  • Bill of Rights from the Constitution Scenarios Games and Review
  • Principles of Government Reading and Doodle Notes
  • Principles of Government Scenarios and Games
  • Constitution Task Cards
  • Constitution Escape Room

New Republic

  • New Republic of the United States Lap Book
  • Washington’s Presidency Reading and Doodle Notes
  • The First Political Parties
  • Foreign Affairs under Washington
  • Hamilton’s Financial Plan
  • George Washington’s Farewell Address Primary Source Analysis
  • New Republic Task Cards
  • Presidents of the New Republic Card Sort

Jacksonian Era

  • Age of Jackson and his Legacy Debate
  • Jackson Task Cards

Westward Expansion

  • Westward Expansion Lap Book and Activity
  • Manifest Destiny Activity
  • Westward Expansion Review Games
  • Texas Annexation during Westward Expansion Primary Sources and Debate
  • Mexican American War Presentation and Writing Activity

Industrial Revolution and Immigration

  • Industrial Revolution Primary Sources and Gallery Walk Industrial Revolution Games
  • Immigration Primary Sources and Writing Activity

Reform Era

  • Reform Movement Discussion and Doodle Notes
  • Reform Movement Museum
  • Reform Movement Review Activity


  • Civil War Lap Book and Activities
  • Causes of the Civil War Reading and Questions
  • The Compromise of 1850 – Fugitive Slave Act
  • The Missouri Compromise
  • Uncle Tom’s Cabin Reading and Questions
  • Events Leading to the Civil War Debate
  • Nat Turner’s Rebellion
  • The Kansas Nebraska Act
  • The Dred Scott Case
  • Events Leading to the Civil War Review Game

The Civil War

  • The Civil War Lap Book and Activities
  • Civil War Debate and Primary Sources
  • Civil War Review Games


  • Reconstruction Museum Activity
  • Reconstruction Readings and Activities
  • Reconstruction Review Games

STAAR Review Activities

  • STAAR Escape Room Activity
  • The US at War Escape Room
  • Mapping Challenge
  • US History Eras
  • Heroes of History
  • California Gold Rush

End of Year Activities

  • End of the Year Choice Board Project

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