Professional Development

My expertise in Social Studies professional development has been honed by over 20 years of working with teachers across the United States. The sessions I offer are all intentionally designed to solve a problem – are you having difficulty teaching ELL students? I have a solution for you. Are you frustrated with the lack of true engagement in your class? I have a solution for you. Browse my course listing to see how I can help you achieve your goals. Don’t see what you need? Contact me and we can discuss a custom workshop.

Learn about the structure, management and implementation of an Interactive Student Notebook. Leave the training with your own sample notebook and ideas on supporting student learning through an ISN. – 1/2 or full day training

Are your tests aligned to the level of rigor required by the STAAR? Learn how to create dual coded questions and write questions for the level of thinking that is being held accountable by this high stakes test. – 1/2 or Full Day Training

Are you looking for ideas to help support your struggling ELL students in class. Come learn different ways to modify assignments and provide listening, speaking, reading and writing opportunities for an ELL student. – 1/2 or Full Day Training.

Learn how to address instructional gaps between instruction and assessment. Teachers will leave the training with a wealth of ideas for teaching vital Processing Standards. – Full Day Training

In this workshop, teachers will learn instructional and assessment strategies for success in secondary Social Studies. Topics will include a model lesson based on the Interactive Student Notebook, Understanding your TEKS and STAAR, and Formative Assessment Strategies. – Full Day Training

Content literacy is a key aspect of Social Studies instruction. Learn a variety of PreReading, During Reading and After Reading Strategies to engage your students in their text or primary source documents. Included in the training is a focus on Building Academic Vocabulary. – 1/2 or Full Day Training

Are you looking for ideas to help support your struggling SPED students in class. Come learn different ways to modify assignments and provide support for an SPED student. – 1/2 or Full Day Training.

Are you interested in creating your own DBQ for your TEKS, your class, and your kids? This workshop will provide a model lesson and then walk you step by step through the development process. You will leave at the end of the training with your own DBQ and the knowledge of how to write your own for future topics. – Full Day Training

Looking for some new games to add to your bag of tricks? Experience new games and develop your own during this fun, hands on workshop! This makes a great prep for the 8th Grade or US History EOC STAAR – 1/2 Day 

Are you battling the AP/PreAP War? AP teachers are saying the students aren’t prepared – PreAP teachers are saying the students aren’t ready! Learn how to improve and differentiate your PreAP program to fully support your AP scores. Teachers will focus on the skills necessary for PreAP and how to differentiate PreAP class from a regular class. – Full Day

Are you looking for new ideas to engage your students? Are you struggling meeting the needs of your special populations? This workshop will provide you with tools to differentiate Social Studies for your English Language Learners, Special Education, and Gifted/Talented students. Teachers will experience different instructional strategies and learn tips to engage all students in their classroom.

Move beyond boring book work or mind-numbing lectures. Learn different strategies to engage your students in Social Studies. Explore the elements of engagement and see how they can be easily added to your lesson plan to increase student participation and learning.  This session can be paired with a 1/2 day Make – N – Take to create an Engagement Tool Kit for each teacher. 

This session is designed for the novice 8th grade US History teacher.  It provides an overview of the US History STAAR test, how to read the TEKS, embedding processing standards into instruction and vocabulary strategies. (1 day)

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Interested In Social Studies Processing Strategies For Secondary School?

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For The First Time Ever We Are Offering Access 13 Exclusive Strategies

Includes Detailed Instructions For: Annolighting, Cartoon Capers, Character Maps, Character Quotes, Changing History, Decision Tree, Famous Person’s Desk, Fast Facts, Four Corner Analogies, Gist, Pattern Puzzles, Mosaic, & Opinion Proof