At the campus level I diagnose areas of needed growth through focused classroom visits. My first visit includes classroom walkthroughs for instructional data. Next I analyze test scores from state, district and campus assessments. I look for patterns in skill deficiencies that impact performance. I analyze teacher generated student work to determine if it effectively prepares students for the assessment. Then I share my analysis and work with campus administration to develop a step by step plan for improvement. Every campus I have worked with as a consultant has shown growth in their assessment data!

I provide support for district level initiatives. I can guide you in the development of a vertically aligned scope and sequence based on essential questions, assurance vocabulary and key content. Do your teachers need help creating quality assessments? Do your teachers understand how to create rigorous assignments? Is engagement an issue? Are your 8th grade students struggling with the STAAR? I can help you develop a professional development plan and implement it in your district.

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