Frayer Model – Vocabulary Instruction

Academic vocabulary instruction is hard for both students and teachers! Especially all of the vocabulary that is required for Social Studies. Many of our students of poverty and our second language learners struggle with learning and using the key terms and concepts required for our classes. Try this strategy – The Frayer Model. You can find this and other great Social Studies teaching strategies in my manual. 
What is it?
Using the Frayer Model, students will activate their prior knowledge of a topic, organize knowledge into categories, and apply their new knowledge to the compartmentalized structure.
How Does It Work?
  1. Brainstorm a list of ideas related to your topic.
  2. Have students read a selection or participate in an activity related to your topic.
  3. Pass out a blank copy of the Frayer Model.
  4. Using their brainstormed words and new knowledge of a topic, students will group their words into one of four categories: Essential Characteristics, Non-essential Characteristics, Examples, and Non-examples.
  5. Have students add additional words to the Frayer Model until all four categories are substantially represented.
Hint: Once students have learned how to utilize the Frayer Model for understanding topics in depth, the model can be used as a form of assessment or even at the beginning of a lesson as a brainstorming activity.
Why use it?
To promote students’ thinking and vocabulary development.
An Example:




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