Unit Pages in the Interactive Student Notebook

So you have started an Interactive Student Notebook, used it for a year and are ready to take it to the next level… How do you add a layer of sophistication and organization to your students ISN? Consider adding Unit Pages!

In addition to providing organization to your ISN, unit pages can be used for previewing or reviewing a unit. I mostly use unit pages to help students develop schema prior to teaching a unit.  You know that “dead time” you have after students finish a test? I use this time to have students preview the upcoming unit and create a unit page.  My directions look like this:

  • Skim pages # – # (usually the next chapter, but sometimes my units are smaller)
  • Look at all of the pictures and read all of the captions.
  • Read all of the subheadings.
  • On the next clean page of your ISN, create a unit page – it needs
    • a quote from the chapter (I usually guide students to pull what looks like an important sentence)
    • images to represent the topics you see
    • 3 key vocabulary terms
    • the essential question (I provide)
    • 3 or more colors
    • no white spaces
You will see results like this!


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