Famous Person’s Desk

This is a fun and different strategy for a biography – have your students’ recreate a famous person’s desk. What would they find on Abraham Lincoln’s desk? This is a summarization strategy that allows students to tie key ideas to an historical figure. 

How Does It Work?    
After researching an assigned person, have students create the items for the working desk of that person.

Include the following:

Calendar– significant date(s) in the life of the person identified

Pictures-key people in the life of the person

Communication – example of communication to or from the person that would be representative of the time period (letter, email, memo, telegram, text, etc.)

Reading-book, newspaper, or magazine related to person’s role in history that they might have been reading

 –Written Document-example of a document the person might have created or one that would be important to this person’s time in history

Memento-a personal item significant to the person


This is how fantastic they look!



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