End of the Year Game

Are your textbooks collected and your gradebook closed? Are you looking for something, anything, to get you through the last couple of days of school? I love this time of year because I get to play games with my kids!It is fun for them, keeps them going for just a few more days, and allows me time to decompress those last few days of school. 

This is one of my favorite games!

California Gold Rush

In this board game, students race across the United States as they try to answer history questions.  However, unlike many other low level recall games, this is dependent on Social Studies Skills!  Different places on the board require different skills…

Who Am I? Students review famous Americans with this activity

In the Who Am Iportion, students are given a card with the name of a famous American.  They have 10 tries to guess the name of the famous American by asking only yes/no questions.

Students are challenged to find a way to act out events in history.

With an Act It Out card, a student has to try and act out a certain event in US history while the other players guess the event. This part is especially fun for kids as they pull all their knowledge together and try to make an event come to life.

A Skills card is exactly that – the kids are given a question that has an embedded skill they need to use in order to answer the question correctly.

I hope you enjoy this game and others as you wind down the year.  

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