5th Grade Social Studies Bundle Table of Contents

Social Studies Teaching Strategies

  • Group Work Contract and Debrief Cards Activity
  • Interactive Notebook Bundle
  • Interactive Notebook Starter’s Kit
  • Kaboom! Game
  • Prop Box Play
  • Social Studies – Image Analysis
  • Social Studies Reading Strategies Manual
  • Social Studies Anchor Charts
  • Social Studies Brain Breaks Teaching Ideas
  • Social Studies Teaching Strategies Binder and Manual
  • Social Studies Writing Strategies
  • Discussion Strategies for Social Studies
  • Teaching Tips for Social Studies
  • Lesson Plan Template for Social Studies

Starting the School Year Off Right!

  • Back to School – Interactive Notebooks
  • Back to School – Textbook Scavenger Hunt – Text Features
  • Classroom Jobs 
  • First Day of School Artifact Introduction Primary Source Activity
  • First Day of School Classroom Scavenger Hunt
  • Why Study History? Reading and Doodle Notes Activity
  • Why Study History? Boom Cards


  • Geography Terms Review Activity
  • Train Trip Across America
  • Economics and the Free Enterprise System
  • Exploration of the Americas
  • First Colonies Prop Box Play
  • Colonial Regions Annotated Map Project
  • American Revolution Lap Book
  • Events Leading to the American Revolution
  • Digging Deeper into the Boston Massacre
  • American Revolution Activity
  • Nathan Hale Primary Source Analysis
  • The Constitutional Convention Activity
  • Understanding the Constitution
  • Bill of Rights Activity
  • Civic Duties Activity
  • Understanding Political Parties
  • The War of 1812 Activity
  • The Industrial Revolution Gallery Walk
  • Immigration to the United States Character Collage
  • Manifest Destiny Image Analysis
  • The Louisiana Purchase Activity
  • Lewis and Clark Color-By-Number
  • Westward Expansion Annotated Map
  • Causes of the Civil War Activity
  • The Civil War
  • Reconstruction and the Amendments
  • World War 1 
  • The Great Depression Puppet Show
  • World War 2 Centers
  • The Space Program
  • September 11th and the War on Terror Museum
  • Obama and the Election of 2008

Games Included!

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