Bill of Rights from the Constitution Scenarios Games and Review

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Challenge your students to apply the Bill of Rights in current issues, political cartoons, images and court cases with these Bill of Rights scenarios. This product will give you multiple scenarios to review and apply the Bill of Rights with your students! All of these scenarios will help your students prepare for any test or quiz on the Bill of Rights. Give your students a scenario card and see if they can identify which amendment applies to the political cartoon, image or court case. This activity will support your ELL students through the use of discussion and images to represent the different amendments.

⭐This activity includes over 36 scenario cards on all 10 amendments to use with your students. ⭐

Please download the preview for specific directions and samples. This activity is a perfect review for the US History STAAR or other exams. The STAAR requires application level thinking – examples of which are in this activity.

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