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Create your own study guide with a Sectionalism and Civil War Lap Book. This lap book is designed to help students summarize content for the events leading to and the Civil War. In addition to the lap book template, you will receive 27 pages of informational text on the causes of the Civil War, Events Leading to the Civil War, and the Civil War.
You can construct the lap book at the beginning of the unit and have the students complete each section as they learn the content –or- create it at the end as a review for an exam.
With this resource, you will receive,
a template for Sectionalism and Civil War Lap Book,
Reading strategies to support instruction,
12 pages of informational text on Sectionalism, including information on the Causes of the Civil War (slavery, sectionalism, state’s rights, secession, and tariff disputes), and key events leading to the Civil War (Missouri Compromise, Nat Turner’s Rebellion, Wilmot Proviso, Compromise of 1850, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Bleeding Kansas, Dred Scott Decision, John Brown’s Raid, The Election of Lincoln, and the Bombing of Fort Sumter, and
-15 pages of informational text on the Civil War (Advantages and Strategies of the Union and Confederacy, Inaugural Addresses, First Battle of Bull Run, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Battle of Antietam, Emancipation Proclamation, Anaconda Plan, Siege of Vicksburg, the 54th Regiment, Battle of Gettysburg, The Gettysburg Address, Sherman’s March, Life on the Home Front, Surrender at Appomattox Court House, and the Assassination of Lincoln.
⭐Please download the preview to see what the lap book will look like when complete. ⭐
How much time will this take?
✥That really depends on you and your kids. I have simplified the cutting process as much as possible. If you model with your students, you can create it in about 15-20 minutes.
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