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Have fun reviewing for a test on the 13 Colonies or American Colonization. Playing games with students increases their retention and allows you to improve your test scores. This engaging activity challenges students to sort images from the New England, Middle and Southern Colonies into different categories.

This purchase includes images on cards representing the American Colonies. In addition to these images, you will receive different teaching strategies and ideas on how to implement in your review.

With this purchase you will receive:

70 different primary source images that represent the New England, Middle and Southern Colonies including: paintings, maps, photographs and lithographs.

You will be able to review with these strategies (directions included):

Free Form Mapping: Create a Free Form Map to represent the Colonies

Category Card Sort: Identify the Colonies by the images

Act-It-Out: Bring the images to life with a mini-play

Chalk Talk: Identify gaps through a Chalk Talk Activity

Create your own Multiple Choice Questions: A higher thinking level activity for your students – starter questions included!

Triple Venn Diagram: What is the relationship between all 3 of the regions

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