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Have fun during your Constitution unit. Review the different Constitutional Convention’s plans and compromises in a card sort.

You can play this game multiple ways – small group, station, whole group or even as a pre-reading activity. Your students can play the card sort in class as a game, then take the answer key home to study.

You will receive:
– Title Cards with images of the Virginia Plan, New Jersey Plan, The Great Compromise, and the 3/5 Compromise,
– 28 different facts to sort as a review,
– a chart for students to record their answers, and
– an answer key.

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2019 TEKS for 8th Grade US History

(4) History. The student understands significant political and economic issues of the revolutionary and Constitutional eras. The student is expected to:
(D) analyze the issues of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, including the Great Compromise and the Three-Fifths Compromise.

(21) Citizenship. The student understands the importance of the expression of different points of view in a constitutional republic. The student is expected to:
(C) summarize historical events in which compromise resulted in a resolution

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