Celebrate the end of the year with a student choice project! This End of the Year Social Studies Choice Board is designed to reflect information your students have learned in Social Studies, personal information about your class, and gives your students an opportunity to preview information from their next Social Studies course. Templates are included.

Don’t have time for a choice board? You can differentiate the content by offering different activities to different students. Or looking to increase engagement? Create stations from the different activities. This End of the Year resource is designed to help you survive the last few weeks or days of school!

With this End of the Year for Social Studies purchase, you will receive:
-A Student Choice Board for your students. It focuses on the Past, Present and Future through the topics of People, Themes and Events.

Includes Templates for all of the following,
-Bio – Poem,
-Historical Figure Desk,
-Fakebook Page,
-Board Game,
-Illustrated Timeline,
-Tips for Success,
-End of the Year Award Certificate,
-I Am Poem,
-Rap Song,
-Report Card,
-Twitter Conversation,
-Character Map,

You can read a detailed blog post on how to use this lesson on my blog here.

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