Events Leading to the American Revolution Activity

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Dig deep into the content of the causes of the American Revolution while your students explore the essential question “Was the American Revolution Justified” through primary sources and background essays in this American Revolution DBQ. This DBQ is designed for a regular ed student. If you are looking for a DBQ for a PreAP class – please look at this version. If you would like both at the same time, you can find them here.

Students will begin this lesson with an anticipation guide and handout while they analyze the Principles of a Just War. They will then read a background essay and discuss the events leading to the American Revolution. After they have completed the graphic organizer, they will analyze different primary sources on three different documents. An outline is provided to guide students in the final step, writing an essay using the documents.

When you purchase this activity, you will receive:
-a PowerPoint to guide your lesson
-8 terms for your Word Wall
-a lesson plan including 8th grade TEKS and tips for implementation
-QR Codes to videos to support the content in the lesson
-an Anticipation Guide on the Principles of a Just War and a support reading
-a 3 page content rich timeline on the events leading to the American Revolution
-two different graphic organizers – one for the Principles of a Just War, and a foldable graphic organizer for the Events Leading to the American Revolution
-three primary source documents including paintings and excerpts
-handouts for reading a DBQ and guiding students through the essay

Don’t have time for a writing assignment? Consider placing your students into groups of 3 – assign each student a different topic and then debate the essential question!

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