Events Leading to the American Revolution Activity

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The causes and events Leading to the American Revolution can be challenging for students. Support your students throughout the unit with this resource. Your students will begin the lesson with vocabulary development on the key terms for the unit. I have included extra information on the use of word walls to support you. An anticipation guide will introduce your students to the American Revolution. Your students will learn about each event through an image analysis, informational text, and QR Codes to video clips. They will write summaries in their Interactive Notebook with a graphic organizer. Multiple opportunities to discuss and write are included with Bounce Cards, Quick Checks, Decision Tree and a diary entry.

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In this resource you will receive:

PowerPoint Presentation – to guide you through the lesson

Informational Text – a timeline with a brief description of each event.

Video Links – with QR codes embedded into the timeline. If your students don’t have access to a device, I have included the links in the teacher directions.

Graphic Organizer – students can glue this into their Interactive Notebook and flip up the events to write summaries

Lesson Plan – detailed directions for lesson and a script for the PowerPoint

Support Materials– Bounce Cards, Image Analysis Questions, and a handout on how to use Word Walls


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