Events Leading to the Civil War Debate

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Civil War – Events Leading to the Civil War – Modified Activity for ELL Students

Lead a structured discussion as your students explore the essential question “Is fighting fair when you can’t come to an agreement?” through primary sources images and background essays.

Students will begin this lesson with a hook where they discuss the essential question. They will then read a background essay and discuss the causes leading to the Civil War. After they have completed the background essay, students will learn about the specific events leading to the Civil War through a structured discussion. They will examine an image, read, discuss and answer questions on the events leading to the Civil War. Each event is examined through a provocative question which students discuss in a small group, then debate in the entire class. Students complete the activity by writing an essay answering different questions.

This activity will support your ELL students through the use of images and planned discussion time. Each of the readings have been modified to support an ELL student. A PAT List (Pay Attention To List) has been created through the structured questions. –

When you purchase this activity, you will receive:

a lesson plan,

-a 2 page background essay on “The Causes of the Civil War” highlighting sectionalism, states’ rights and slavery,

7 pages of text with provocative discussion questions. Events include The Missouri Compromise of 1820, The Compromise of 1850, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Kansas Nebraska Act/Bleeding Kansas, the Dred Scott Case, John Brown’s Raid on Harper’s Ferry, the Election of Lincoln and the Battle of Fort Sumter,

Stop and Discuss questions and PAT List embedded into the background essay and events readings,

a PDF presentation to guide you through the lesson

image analysis questions

number placards for the structured discussion

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