Events Leading to World War 2

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Are you looking for an engaging way to review for your World War II test? Try this lesson! This is an activity to review the events leading to World War II. It is perfect for a formative assessment or a review activity prior to a state test. Your ELL learners will benefit from activities such as this from the visuals and discussion opportunities created.

In this activity, students will create summaries of the different events leading to World War II. A graphic organizer is provided to assist your students. Once their summaries are created, they will create a Human Timeline by posting their placard (slide from the PowerPoint) and sharing their summary with the class. All of the images from the placards help serve as a visual cue for your students. Once you have reviewed the events in chronological order, you can lead a class discussion by creating a Human Spectrum. – Which of these events was the most important leading to World War II? The least? This allows your student to discuss and review the topics in a meaningful way.

This activity includes:

• placards with the events leading to World War II – 10 different beautiful images to sort and discuss (see the preview for all of the placards)

• a graphic organizer – a “fishbone” graphic organizer for student’s summaries

• Human Spectrum signs – Most to Least Important, and

• teacher directions – for your pleasure!

The images are from the public domain.
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