Industrial Revolution Primary Sources and Gallery Walk

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Discover the changes caused by the Industrial Revolution as students explore the essential question “What were the inventions that changed America?” through primary sources and background essays.

Students will begin this lesson with a hook where they discuss the most important invention of their lifetime. They will then read a background essay and discuss the positive and negative effects of the Industrial Revolution and complete Cartoon Notes. After they have completed the discussion questions embedded into the essay, students will learn about the different inventions of the Industrial Revolution through a gallery walk activity. They will be given a primary source quote, match the quote to the invention, and then read, discuss and take notes on the different inventions. Students complete the activity by creating a spectrum ranking the different inventions.

When you purchase this activity, you will receive:

-a lesson plan

-a 2 page background essay on “The Industrial Revolution in the United States” in the mid to late 1800’s. Topics include the history of the Industrial Revolution, the textile mills, child labor, and the growth of cities

-Cartoon Notes with information on the Industrial Revolution

Stop and Discuss questions embedded into the background essay

8 primary source quotes leading to the different inventions of the Industrial Revolution

8 placards on different inventions including the mechanical reaper and steel plow, steamboat, interchangeable parts, telegraph, Bessemer steel process, railroads, canals, and the cotton gin.


My students loved the primary quotes. They had fun trying to figure out which quote went with the invention. Great job!

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