Mexican American War Primary Sources and Writing

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What are just reasons for war? Your students will explore the Mexican-American War in a reading and visual activity. Students will begin the activity by participating in a 4 Corner Debate associated with causes of the Mexican-American War. They will then work with a partner to read about the Mexican-American War and answer discussion questions. The activity concludes with a Newspaper Article assignment. This activity included embedded Interactive Student Notebook assignments with a preview, peer discussion questions, and a processing assignment.

You will receive:
-a 12 page presentation with images of the Mexican-American War to analyze and guide you through the activity
-a 6 page reading on the following topics: Causes of the War, Invasion into Mexico and The Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo
-handout with over 20 questions to guide your teaching during an image analysis
-a script for the presentation.

I have created a document that shows all of the 4th and 7th grade TEKS for this lesson. It is free and can be found here:
Texas History Super Bundle TEKS

Custom mosaic courtesy of Alexandra Napia.
Images are from the public domain.

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