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Everything you need for your Reconstruction Unit is included in this bundle! You will receive an activity for teaching Reconstruction and a fun game to review before your test. When you purchase this bundle, you are saving 20% off the cost of the two activities.

Engage your students with a debate – Did Reconstruction accomplish it’s goals? Were African Americans granted the rights given in the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments? In this activity students will examine the Reconstruction time period through primary source images, quotes and text. Students will discuss the topic – Is everyone in the United States free?

This activity includes:
a lesson plan- This lesson plan can guide you through the lesson as well as give you tips for implementation

a PDF presentation and a PowerPoint presentation – images and primary source quotes lead your students through a structured discussion on the topics of the Reconstruction Amendments, sharecropping and the reversal of Reconstruction

a 10 page handout – summaries, primary source images, quotes and guiding discussion questions for your students

Topics include: Reconstruction Amendments, sharecropping, Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow Laws and Plessy v. Ferguson
Primary Sources include political cartoons, sharecropping contracts and quotations.
Review your Reconstruction unit in a fun, fast paced activity! Are you looking for something different to review Reconstruction? Do you need to move beyond the recall level and have your students think about the content? Try Spoons! This review game allows all of your students to participate while reviewing the key events of the Reconstruction Era.

This game includes:
-Scorecard (if you want to take the activity for a grade)
-15 sets of Reconstruction cards giving your students multiple opportunities to review content!

Please download the preview to view the activity before you purchase.

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