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Explore the impact of Reconstruction on Texas with readings, Doodle Notes, primary source analysis and a writing activity.

Students will begin this lesson by analyzing a song. They will then read about life in Texas during Reconstruction. To support the reading, students will be asked to highlight key information and summarize the content in their Doodle Notes. Your students will complete the activity by a primary sources.

This resource has been modified for ELL students with a vocabulary activity, simplified readings, embedded PAT (Pay Attention To) questions, opportunities to discuss content, and sentence stems in the Doodle Notes. This resource is editable allowing you to change certain portions of the activity for your students if necessary.

When you purchase this activity, you will receive:
-directions for the activity
-a preview activity with a song to analyze
-5 pages of SIMPLIFIED informational text including information on Presidential and Congressional Reconstruction, New Texas Governments, Sharecropping, Black Codes and the Convict Lease System.
Discussion questions embedded into the readings
-2 page Doodle Notes graphic organizer WITH SENTENCE STEMS
A primary sources to analyze
a writing prompt to wrap-up the activity

Doodle notes is a trademarked term used with permission. Please visit for more information.

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2019 TEKS for 7th Grade Texas History

(5) History. The student understands how events and issues shaped the history of Texas during the Civil War and Reconstruction. The student is expected to:
(A) explain the central role the expansion of slavery played in the involvement of Texas in the Civil
(B) identify significant events concerning Texas and the Civil War such as the Battle of Galveston, the Battle of Sabine Pass, and the Battle of Palmito Ranch; and
(C) explain the political, economic, and social effects of the Civil War and Reconstruction in Texas


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