Spanish Missions of Texas Activity Bundle for 4th Grade

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Buy the bundle on the Spanish Mission system in Texas and save! This resource bundle will provide you with both a lesson to teach and a game to review.

The lesson for the Spanish Missions in 4th Grade Texas History – What lasting impact did the establishment of the Spanish missions have on Texas? Your students will explore this essential question in a reading and visual activity. Students will begin the activity by examining images associated with the Spanish mission system and answering visual analysis questions. They will then work with a partner to read about the Spanish mission system and answer discussion questions. They will use a Doodle Notes graphic organizer to take notes. The activity concludes with a mosaic assignment. This resource includes embedded Interactive Student Notebook assignments with a preview, graphically organized notes, and a processing assignment.

The games for the Spanish Missions in 4th Grade Texas History – Review the Spanish Missions of Texas with games for your students. There are 24 question cards that are a combination of recall, text analysis, maps and images. Challenge your students at a variety of levels! Differentiate by giving certain cards to your students. A blank template is included at the end if you wish to include more questions. The answer sheet has space for up to 30 questions. I recommend that you laminate the cards so that you can use them year after year.

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2019 Texas History TEKS for 4th Grade

(2)  History. The student understands the causes and effects of European exploration and colonization of Texas. The student is expected to:
(A)  summarize motivations for European exploration and settlement of Texas, including economic opportunity, competition, and the desire for expansion;
(C)  explain when, where, and why the Spanish established settlements and Catholic missions in Texas as well as important individuals;

(9)  Economics. The student understands the basic economic activities of early societies in Texas.. The student is expected to:
(B)  explain the economic activities early settlers to Texas used to meet their needs and wants

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