Texas History 7th Grade – Comparing the Texas and US Constitution

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Do your students understand the similarities and differences between the US and Texas Constitution? Dig deep into the different constitutions while your students discuss the principles of government and the Bill of Rights.

Students will begin this lesson with a preview activity where they build vocabulary with puzzles on the key terms. They will then read a background essay and discuss the similarities and differences between the US and Texas Constitution. Each round of discussions will guide your students between the important similarities and differences of the Texas and US Constitution including Amending the Constitution, Principles of Government and the Bill of Rights.

This resource also includes modifications for your ELL or SPED students with simplified readings (paired with regular readings) and sentence stems on the graphic organizers.

When you purchase this activity, you will receive:

-directions for the lesson

-Word Wall Terms and Puzzles on these terms: consent, amend, constitution, federalism, republicanism, separation of powers, popular sovereignty, limited government, checks and balances, and preamble.

Readings on Differences in the Texas and US Constitution, the Principles of Government, Amending the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Mid-Point Checks cards and questions.

graphic organizers and Doodle Notes for the reading assignments.

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