Why Europe? Research and Presentation Activity

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This activity takes a complex topic – Why did Europe colonize the world? – and breaks it down into a manageable lesson. Students will explore this topic by looking at a scenario that compares two soccer teams, one that has advantages and one that does not. They will then continue their preview by categorizing factors that lead to establishing a civilization. Students will break up into groups and research the different areas of the world according to these factors. They will conclude the activity by making a spectrum showcasing Europe’s domination.

You will receive:
-a lesson plan with detailed steps
-a PowerPoint presentation with detailed steps in the notes field
-two different charts for students
-a scenario handout
-handouts on each of the different regions of the world
-factors of civilization handout
-an Interactive Student Notebook assignment embedded into the activity with a preview, graphically organized notes and a processing assignment

This lesson is based on the research of Jared Diamond.

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