Texas History Bundle Table of Contents

Social Studies Teaching Strategies

Group Work Contract and Debrief Cards Activity

Interactive Notebook Bundle

Interactive Notebook Starter’s Kit

Kaboom! Game

Prop Box Play

Social Studies – Image Analysis

Social Studies – Reading Strategies

Social Studies Anchor Charts

Social Studies Brain Breaks Teaching Ideas

Social Studies Teaching Strategies Binder and Manual

Social Studies Writing Strategies

Discussion Strategies for Social Studies

Teaching Tips for Social Studies

Starting the School Year Off Right!

Back to School – Interactive Notebooks

Back to School – Textbook Scavenger Hunt – Text Features

Classroom Jobs for Texas History

First Day of School Artifact Introduction Primary Source Activity

First Day of School Classroom Scavenger Hunt

Why Study History? Reading and Doodle Notes Activity

Geography of Texas

Texas Geography Lap Book

Geography of Texas Task Cards

Regions of Texas Writing Activity

Native Americans of Texas

Tribes of Texas with Content Readings Annotated Map

American Indians of Texas Lap Book and Readings

Spanish Era

Conquistadors of Texas Doodle Notes and Readings

Missions of Texas Reading and Writing Activity

Filibusters of Texas

Mexican National Era

Mexican War for Independence – Battle of Medina Discussion Activity

Colonization of Texas – You Decide Activity

Colonization Task Cards

The Texas Revolution

Battles of the Texas Revolution Doodle Notes

Famous Texans Word Wall

The Alamo Writing Assignment

Fredonian Rebellion Writing Activity

Texas Revolution Game

Texas Revolution Simulation and Activity

Texas Revolution Task Cards

The Texas Revolution Review

The Republic of Texas

Annexation of Texas Readings and Doodle Notes

Immigration in Texas Primary Sources and Writing Activity

Republic of Texas Research and Debate

Texas Statehood Reading and Writing Activities

The Civil War

Civil War Lap Book and Activities

Causes of the Civil War Reading and Questions

Civil War Debate and Primary Sources

Civil War Readings and Activities Bundle

Events Leading to the Civil War Sequencing Activity

Texas in the Civil War Doodle Notes and Reading

Texas in the Civil War DBQ


Texas in Reconstruction Debate and Activity

Texas in the Civil War and Reconstruction Review

Cotton, Cattle and Railroads

The Cotton Industry

The Buffalo Soldier

The Cowboy Way of Life

The Cattle Industry

The Railroads in Texas

The Indian Wars

Texas in the 20th Century

The Great Storm DBQ

The Age of Oil Activity

World War I and its Impact on Texas

The Great Depression and Its Impact on Texas

World War II and Its Impact of Texas

The Civil Rights Movement in Texas

Famous Texans Activity


Texas Constitution Activity

Texas Government Task Cards

Bill of Rights from the Constitution Scenarios Games and Review

Bill of Rights Review Games

Bill of Rights Readings and Doodle Notes

Principles of Government Reading and Cartoon Notes

Principles of Government Act It Out

Principles of Government Scenarios and Games

Texas History Review Games

Texas History Eras Review Game

Texas History End of Year Escape Room Activity

Texas History Eras Review Game

Texas History Review Game

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