World Cultures Membership Table of Contents

Social Studies Teaching Strategies

  • Social Studies Lesson Plan Template
  • How to access your Boom Cards
  • Social Studies Skills Anchor Charts
  • Anchor Charts in Secondary Social Studies
  • Literacy Strategies for Social Studies
  • Crop it tool
  • Social Studies Strategies for Success with Google Slides
  • Writing Strategies with Google Slides
  • Discussion Strategies with Google Slides Manual
  • Bounce Cards
  • Biography Booklet Complete
  • Vocabulary Activities Strategy Manual with Digital Resources
  • Color Coded Vocabulary Activity Template
  • Charades Plus Review Strategy
  • Word Wall Connection Cards
  • Using Word Walls in Social Studies
  • Blank Vocabulary Board to Print
  • Making Groups Work!
  • Prop_Box_Play
  • Brain Breaks for Lectures
  • Kaboom Cards
  • Spare Me – Bowling Pin Game
  • Task Card War
  • Task Card Handout

Beginning of the Year Activities

  • Word Wall Terms for a Year updated December 2021
  • Regions of the World Image Wall
  • What is World Cultures Image Analysis Activity and Lap Book
  • Why Study Geography
  • Geography Map Terms Word Wall
  • Map Terms for Games

Thematic Instruction

  • Limited and Unlimited Types of Government with Google Slides and ELL Mods
  • Religions of the World Activity with Google Slides
  • Understanding Economics and Factors of Production
  • Economics and Factors of Production Link to Boom Cards
  • Earth’s Natural Forces – Readings and Case Studies

North America

  • Canada Centers and Activities
  • The Impact of an Earthquake

Latin America

  • History of Latin America – Maya, Aztec, and Inca
  • Link to Aztec, Maya, and Inca Review Game on Boom Learning
  • History of Latin America Conquest and Colonization
  • Colonization of Latin America Vocabulary Review
  • Link to Boom Cards on the Conquest and Colonization of Latin America.
  • Where in the World is Your Teacher – Central America


  • World War 1 Activity
  • World War II and the Holocaust Activity with Google Slides
  • World War I and World War II link to Boom Cards
  • Escape the EU – Escape Room Activity on The EU and Brexit
  • Russia Centers Activity
  • Visiting a Christmas Market with Google Slides
  • Europe Case Study – Who Owns the World’s Treasures


  • African Safari
  • Issues in Africa
  • Issues in Africa Boom Cards

Southwest Asia

  • Christianity Reading and Doodle Notes
  • Judaism
  • Islam Reading and Doodle Notes
  • Link for Boom Cards on the Religions of South West Asia
  • The Abundance of Oil and The Scarcity of Water Activity
  • Oil and Water Game in Boom Learning

South Asia

  • Hinduism
  • Sikhism
  • Buddhism
  • What is a Monsoon
  • History of India Reading and Questions
  • Government in India Reading and Questions
  • India Lap Book and Centers

South East Asia

  • Buddhism
  • Confucianism
  • Link for Boom Cards on Religions of South and South East Asia

East Asia

  • A Tour of China
  • Comparing North and South Korea
  • Search for the Samurai Sword Escape Room Activity on Japan


  • Australia Lap Book and Stations
  • Link for Australia Review Game on Boom Learning

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