Word Walls

Hello 2015!

I am ready to expand my horizons and learn new things! Starting a blog today.

My first topic will be on Word Walls. Many of use have heard about the importance of using Word Walls in Social Studies instruction – but then what? We make a pretty word wall and it hangs up all year long. How do we make them interactive and meaningful for our students?  I absolutely love these higher level thinking questions associated with this word wall.  It can be used as a warm-up, exit ticket or sponge activity.

Here is a close up of the questions:


Word Wall
Make a List   Have students classify the social studies word wall by parts of speech, roots, prefixes, suffixes, etc.
Defining Sentence   Assign each student a word. Students must create a sentence for the assigned word that gives the definition of the word.
What’s at the End?   Identify and discuss words with similar endings.
See It, Say It, Chant It, Sing It, and Clap It   Find as many different ways as possible to read and spell the words on the word wall.
Be a Mind Reader   Have a student give clues about a selected word while class members try to guess the word.
Guess the Covered Word   Write sentences on the board using the social studies word wall words and challenge students to guess which word belongs in each sentence.
Find it First   Call two students up to the word wall at a time. Call out the definition to a word; see which student can find it first.

Seek and Find   Challenge students to search newspapers, brochures, letters, business cards, etc. to highlight word wall words.

And finally is this super fun idea! Do you hang portraits in your classroom? Dress them up with googly eyes to catch your students’ attention!


Find it Fast


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