Historical Tweets

Are you looking for a way to engage your students in Social Studies? How can they process information and prove to you they have learned? Why not try a Historical Tweet – it can be used as a formative assessment or Interactive Student Notebook processing assignment. 


What is it?

Tweet. Twitter limits users to 140 characters – letters, spaces, and punctuation – per tweet. Students tweet, adults tweet, and businesspersons tweet. But what would Shakespeare tweet? How about Abraham Lincoln? Newton? Ask students to tweet in character. This can be a very engaging way to summarize learning.  Summarization has been identified as a high yield strategy since it requires students to engage with the text rather than just copy it.
How Does It Work?
Uses tweets like twitter to have students review, summarize, and create ideas about historical events. Allow students to review, discuss, and create ideas based upon historical events using the twitter format of 140 characters or less.   
An Example:

Examples of historical tweets can be located at http://historicaltweets.com/. However, teachers should use caution.  This site is best reviewed by the teacher for ideas and specific examples.  Some of the humor is more mature and less appropriate for the classroom.



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