Starting off the School Year Right with Interactive Student Notebooks

So you  have committed to using an Interactive Student Notebook. And now you are asking the question – How do I get a really awesome Interactive Student Notebook? How do I get my kids to buy into the concept of creating quality notebooks?


Here is how… you have a cookie contest…  

Seriously – start off the school year with a cookie contest! Tell your students that they can win a plate of cookies! They get to choose which plate of cookies they would like to win…




Have your students put their names in a cup to win a plate of cookies…  But before you draw for a winner (and yes, I really do allow the kids to win a plate of cookies!)… Ask these questions: 

Which of these plates would you buy for the party?




And then ask….

each applicant turned in a plate of cookies…



And now for the debrief questions… why would you want to win plate 3, buy plate 3, hire plate 3? 

You should get answers like “there is more there – looks better – obvious effort and QUALITY!” 
Now for the surprise ending…






With a little bit of coaching, your students will tell you it earns either an A, C or F and why.  Then you pull out another surprise…



What grade would you give this assignment? An A for Effort and Quality… Or a Zero because you asked for a cookie? This becomes another great teaching moment in your class. Can something be pretty but incorrect? If so – they turned in a doughnut! 







Think Sprinkles! became my motto for the year. Kids understand it and I get quality in return for a few bucks in cookies and 15 minutes of my time.
Enjoy and have a great year!






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