Reconstruction: How Free Are We?

“[A]s you grow a little older, you begin to feel that you are under siege.”  

What do your student’s know about Reconstruction? Have they had a chance to discuss in detail the differences between life during Reconstruction and life during slavery – was there much of a difference?

Your students can learn about the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments in this activity as they examine the essential question “What impact did these amendments have on the African American community during Reconstruction?” How free did slaves become after the Civil War? Were they granted instant equality, or did systems like sharecropping exist that kept this community from full equality?

Your students will examine primary source photos, read sharecropping contracts and analyze how Reconstruction failed and succeeded in the United States. A presentation, lesson plan and readings will guide you through the lesson. 

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Reconstruction – How free are we?








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