Task Cards that Multi-Task for You

Every teacher is a multi-tasker. You are listening to one group, keeping an eye on another group, assessing if the information you are providing is being understood by the class and devising an alternate method of instruction – all at the same time, all day long. Wouldn’t it be great to find some activities that work just as hard as you do at multi-tasking and offering alternate uses?

Task Card sets give you a tool that can be used repeatedly in many different formats that will never bore your students.

Task cards can review with images as well as higher level questions.

No matter which set of cards you select, the uses are limitless. The sets can be used by the individual student or in small or large groups. The multiple intelligences are activated because the activities are verbal-linguistic, body-kinesthetic, visual-spatial, intrapersonal and interpersonal.

The task cards can be utilized in class as part of the instruction or guided practice. Anchor stations can be set up using the task cards. Task cards can also be used as exit tickets or even homework. Posting task cards can offer students an extra credit opportunity.

Task cards reinforce the content and are a fun method of reviewing material. Sets can be made available for early finishers, small group sponge time or on those indoor recess days.

The task cards can also be turned into games for the students, like Scoot Game, Quiz, Quiz, Trade, Speed Racer and Order Up Game. You can even hide the task cards around the room and turn the activity into a Scavenger Hunt!

The task card sets include suggested uses, helpful hints and directions for anchor stations and eight games. In addition to the task card masters, there is a master for the student answer sheet for up to 40 task cards, a blank card template to make additional task cards of your own, and, of course, the answer key. Also included are the instructions and additional game cards for Kaboom! You can turn any set of cards into a fast-paced fun game of Kaboom! with the addition of consequence cards and a paper bag. You can get your free set of Kaboom! cards here.


Print and laminate a set of task cards once and you have a wealth of uses for them for an entire year. One great multi-tasker can always recognize another.

You can find task cards for US History here and Texas History here.




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