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Classroom Jobs

Jobs can be a time saver in your classroom – for both you and your students. This Classroom Job system has been used for over 20 years in my classroom. I have shared it with many teachers, and it works with grades 4-10.

This system is set up to mimic a state government with you as the “governor” and an elected student as your second in command – your “Lieutenant Governor”. Interested students will apply for and receive a job in your classroom. The jobs are designed to help make your life easier! Jobs range from an “attendance manager” to even an “interior decorator” to help you change out bulletin boards. There are a variety of jobs to fit a variety of student interests.

Classroom jobs will also help with student management. I used this system not only to reward, but to “fine” students for talking, chewing gum, etc.

This purchase includes:
-editable job descriptions for over 21 jobs (several students can do the same job if they are interested)
-fine chart with list of fines and cost for each
-job application

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