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The movie Hidden Figures is a great way to teach about important Black History and the contributions of women to the NASA program. But, you don’t want to have your students just watch the movie! Engage them with higher level thinking activities before and after the movie.

This easy to read manual includes teacher directions, templates for ease of use and even photographs showing student examples.

Strategies Include:

BioPoem – A poem that describes a historical figure in 11 lines in order to summarize key ideas and events related to that person and their achievements.

Character Map – This is a processing activity in which students create visuals to represent key figures and their importance to history.

Character Quotes – Character Quotes can be used to examine fictional characters in literature, real-life individuals in biographies, and authors- all who present themselves through their words.

Famous Person’s Desk – This is a summarization strategy that allows students to tie key ideas to an historical figure.

Frame It – This is a strategy that can be used with significant people in the movie.

Historical Tweets – Uses tweets like twitter to have students review, summarize, and create ideas about historical events.

I Am Poem – This is a structured format for students to use to guide their descriptive writing about a topic, event or historical figure.

Report Card – Report Cards can be used by students to evaluate systems, events or individuals.

Social Networking Site – This is a strategy that mimics a Social Networking Site (Facebook) to summarize the key contributions on an individual.

Download the preview for a sample of these fun activities!

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