Conquistadors of Texas for Texas History 7th Grade

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Were the conquistadors heroes or villains? Let your students decide through this engaging activity. In this lesson your students will begin with an anticipation guide on actions of a hero or a villain. You can increase learning by turning this portion of the activity into a debate as students discuss different long term and short term effects of individuals.

After the anticipation guide, you guide your students through a series of 4 images, asking questions to have them discover the content for themselves. The images include Christopher Columbus, Colonial Domination, The Conquest of the Aztecs, and Fransico Coronado.

The students are then challenged to create an opinion/proof by reading about the conquistadors. Or you can use Pop Up Figures for point of view note taking – one side is the hero – one side is the villain. Once the students have read about the conquistadors, you can guide them through an Act-It-Out. The activity concludes with a diary entry or Write Around.


You will receive:
-a presentation guiding you through the activity
-a PowerPoint presentation
-anticipation guide
-2 page reading on the Conquistadors
-Pop Up Figures for notes

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