George Washington’s Farewell Address Primary Source Analysis

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Washington’s Farewell Address is one of the most recognized documents in US History. In it, Washington lays out his hopes and dreams for the United States of America. For centuries, Americans have looked to this document for advice – but have we followed the ideals set forth in this document? Allow your students to discover the advice Washington gives – and discuss whether or not we have followed these ideals.

Your students will begin this activity by listening to a song from Hamilton– (link). What advice does Washington want to give the United States? Your students will then be given an image that represents part of his advice – they use the image to match a portion of his Farewell Address. Is he giving advice on political parties? On remaining neutral?

Once they have matched their quote, they reword it into everyday language. Your students are challenged at the end of the activity with a spectrum – Have we met or abandoned Washington’s ideals?

In this activity you will receive:
– A presentation guiding you through the lesson
– Handouts with questions for the Hamilton song
– A one page reading on Washington’s Farewell Address
– Placards with images
– Placards with quotes
– A graphic organizer
– A key
– A lesson plan with detailed background information on Washington’s Farewell Address including TEKS

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