Create your own study guide with a Reconstruction Lap Book. This lap book is designed to help students summarize content for the political, social, and economic impact of Reconstruction on the United States.

You can construct the lap book at the beginning of the unit and have the students complete each section as they learn the content –or- create it at the end as a review for an exam.

With this resource, you will receive,

a template for the Reconstruction Lap Book. Topic contents include: Reconstruction definition and important people, a timeline of Reconstruction, the Black Codes, The KKK,
Jim Crow Laws, Presidential and Radical Reconstruction, Johnson’s Impeachment,
the Reconstruction Amendments, Freedman’s Bureau, Sharecropping, Scalawags and Carpetbaggers.

⭐Please download the preview to see what the lap book will look like when complete. ⭐

How much time will this take?
✥That really depends on you and your kids. I have simplified the cutting process as much as possible. If you model with your students, you can create it in about 15-20 minutes.

✨Do you want a video that shows you exactly how to make this lap book? You can find it here:

This video will guide your students step by step through the construction of the Reconstruction Lap Book. This video has multiple uses:

-use it to help you create a Reconstruction Lap Book for your teacher model
-play it to your entire class for directions as you walk around and assist students
-assign it as homework and have your students watch how to create a lap book at home (email me for directions).

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