Civil War Debate and Primary Sources

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Allow your students to explore the key events of the Civil War with readings and video links on QR Codes. Your students will analyze the essential question “Which would inspire you to fight harder – fighting for your home or fighting for your country?” through primary sources images, content readings, and video clips.

Students will begin this lesson with a hook where they discuss the essential question. Your students will analyze primary source images about the specific events during the Civil War and then they will use QR Codes to watch a video and answer questions. Your students can use their smart phones and headsets for this portion of the activity. After watching the video and discussing questions with a partner, they will annotate a map with the key events of the Civil War. Students complete the activity by creating a spectrum answering the question – What event in the Civil War made the most difference in the outcome?

A preview, graphically organized notes and a processing assignment are included in this activity – perfect for your Interactive Notebook!

This activity will support your ELL students through the use of images and video clips.

When you purchase this activity, you will receive:

directions for the activity,

-a PowerPoint Presentation on on “The Key Events of the Civil War” which include The First Battle of Bull Run, The Battle of Antietam, The Blockade, The Emancipation Proclamation, The Battle of Gettysburg, The Gettysburg Address, The 54th Massachusetts Regiment, The Siege of Vicksburg, Sherman’s March, and the Surrender at Appomattox Court House,

-A PowerPoint Presentations,

Handouts including the strengths and strategies for each side, QR Codes leading to video clips, readings, and formative assessments,

Discussion questions embedded into the activity, and

image analysis questions.

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