MISSIONS OF TEXAS with Doodle NOTES for Texas History 7th Grade

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What lasting impact did the establishment of the Spanish missions have on Texas? Your students will explore this essential question in a reading and visual activity.

Students will begin the activity by examining images associated with the Spanish mission system and answering visual analysis questions. They will then work with a partner to read about the Spanish mission system and answer discussion questions. They will use a Cartoon Notes graphic organizer to take notes. The activity concludes with a mosaic assignment. This resource includes embedded Interactive Student Notebook assignments with a preview, graphically organized notes, and a processing assignment.

With this activity, you will receive:

teacher directions and tips to conduct the activity

-a PowerPoint presentation with images to analyze and guide you through the activity

Word Wall terms with images for: mission, presidio, convert, architecture, irrigation, and friar

-an 4 page reading on the following topics: History and Purpose of the Missions, Missions of Texas, Life in a Mission, and the Legacy of the Spanish Missions

-a Cartoon Notes graphic organizer for note taking

-directions for a processing mosaic assignment.

Download the preview for more a sample of the resource.


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