Reconstruction Activity

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Excite your students about events during Reconstruction through a museum exhibit. Allow your students to learn for themselves about Reconstruction through informational text, primary sources, video clips and political cartoons. As your students travel through the Reconstruction Museum they will do activities summarizing their learning experience.

You will receive:

A handout with specific teacher directions – how to set up your room, direct your students, etc.

Different activities for each exhibit these include an Opinion/Proof, defend a quote, sensory figure and many more

Presentation with student directions – This is a PDF you can use to give your students specific directions for each station

Materials for the different exhibits: The Freedman’s Bureau, Scalawags and Carpetbaggers, Presidential and Radical Reconstruction, Sharecropping, Reversing Reconstruction and the Reconstruction Amendments

Placards with primary source images, quotes, political cartoons and video clips– just like in a real museum! Students have the opportunity to look at “artifacts”. Video clips are accessed by QR Codes.

Readings for each of the topics – these are short “chunked” reading selections or key quotes to help your students understand each topic

A preview and processing assignment to start the activity. Listen to a song and then create a brochure when you are all done!

Please download the preview for a sample of the activity.
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