Republic of Texas The Presidencies of Houston and Lamar Activity

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Sam Houston and Mirabeau B. Lamar were two dynamic, yet different, presidents of the Republic of Texas. In this activity, your students will explore these differences while learning about the issues that impacted the Republic of Texas. This resource includes multiple options for taking notes, research, and processing assignments. Modifications have been included for ELL students.

Your students will begin the lesson with a Character Quote activity. What can they tell about the presidents of Texas from primary sources? Students will then research these two presidents on topics such as annexation vs. empire, relations with Mexico and Native Texans.

Once research is complete, your students can write a dialogue debating the merits of Sam Houston or Mirabeau B. Lamar. Or you can assign a “Who Said” activity and Sum It Up paragraph.

When you purchase this lesson, you will receive:
-primary source quotes from both Houston and Lamar in a Character Quotes Preview Activity, and
simplified readings for your ELL students, and
-multiple graphic organizers for you to choose from – including Cartoon Notes and Modified Notes for your ELL students, and
-multiple processing assignments – including a Dialogue Debate, “Who Said” activity and Sum It Up paragraph.

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***Updated October 2018***


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