Texas In the CIVIL WAR and RECONSTRUCTION Lap Book and Readings 7th Grade

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This lap book is designed to help students summarize content from the Civil War and Reconstruction in Texas. It contains spaces for notes on the causes and events leading to the Civil War, leaders in the Civil War, Civil War battles in Texas, economic, political and social effects of the Civil War and Reconstruction in Texas.

In addition to the lap book template, you will receive informational text on the following topics:

Causes of the Civil War  Sectionalism, States Rights, and the Westward Expansion of Slavery

Events Leading to the Civil War – Missouri Compromise, Annexation of Texas, Mexican-American War and the Mexican Cession, The Compromise of 1850, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, The Kansas-Nebraska Act and Bleeding Kansas, The Dred Scott Decision, The Election of Lincoln, South Carolina Secedes, Texas Secedes and the Bombing of Fort Sumter

The Civil War in Texas – Military Contributions, Economic Contribution, Battles in Texas, and Life on the Home Front

Reconstruction – What is Reconstruction?, Reconstruction in Texas, Texas Reconstruction Governments, Reversing Reconstruction, Sharecropping, Black Codes and the Convict Lease system.

For your PreAP students I have included Primary Source Analysis Activities on images and excerpts from these eras.

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2019 TEKS for 7th Grade Texas History

(5) History. The student understands how events and issues shaped the history of Texas during the Civil War and Reconstruction. The student is expected to:
(A) explain the central role the expansion of slavery played in the involvement of Texas in the Civil
(B) identify significant events concerning Texas and the Civil War such as the Battle of Galveston, the Battle of Sabine Pass, and the Battle of Palmito Ranch; and
(C) explain the political, economic, and social effects of the Civil War and Reconstruction in Texas


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