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Create your own study guide with a US History Review Lap Book. No more boring worksheets! The end of the year assessment can be very challenging for your students – there is so much information to review and remember. Engage your students with a US History Review Lap Book.

A lap book is created with a file folder, paper and the US Review Lap Book templates. This lap book will help your students study for the end of the year assessment with US History Expansion Maps, Important Quotes, Important Dates, Important People and Important Ideas – All included! This is not just a template! Your students will receive the content pieces they need to study for their exam!

With this lesson, you will receive:

a PowerPoint Presentation that takes your students step-by-step through the creation of the lap book,
A timeline of US History with key dates in bold print,
Important Maps from US History – give your students references for turning points in history,
Important Facts – these are cards with the key facts from US History (Colonization – Reconstruction) for your students to review,
Important Documents – the documents that formed our country,
Bill of Rights – the first 10 Amendments, and
The Principles of Government!

***Please download the preview to see what the lap book will look like!

Updated for 2018 – your resource will include both versions!


LOVE THIS! Can’t wait to start using it for review! I appreciate that there is a powerpoint included so students can follow directions on how to make the actual lapbook. #StellarReview

And thank you to Ms. Neely who has shared her video of how to construct the lap book with her kids. Go to

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