What makes a war just? Are the wars we participate in just? Do your students know the Principles of a Just War? These principles have developed over thousands of years of warfare – and they make a great lens for examining ANY war! In this activity, students will work with a partner to read and take notes on the history and development of the concept of a Just War. After reviewing the history, they will then examine each of the principles and reword them into everyday language. Once they have familiarized themselves with this concept, you can examine any war you are teaching – Is it Just? Use this activity as your unit opener to kick off your Texas Revolution, World War II, Vietnam or other war related unit.

The activity is embedded with an Interactive Notebook assignment including a preview, graphically organizer and processing assignment.

This Activity Includes:
A presentation with background information on the Principles of a Just War and directions for the activity
A 2 page reading detailing the history of a Just War
A graphic organizer for the reading
2 sets of Graphic Organizers for the Principles of a Just War – Differentiate for your students!

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