“Your Homework is Fun!”

I will never forget that statement… “Your homework is fun!” – It was a 7th grade girl commenting on my Interactive Notebook assignments. I would always have my students process their classwork in their notebook as a homework assignment.  My kids loved their Interactive Notebooks for a variety of reasons – and that was not ever a reason I thought I would hear from my kids! But I love it!!

Here are a few different assignments I would give my kids:

This is an emotional bar graph.  With this assignment students would rank the emotions of two different groups – in this case Mexicans and Texans – during certain events – like leading up to the Texas Revolution.  I told my kids that in addition to the emotion indicated, they needed to color code their bar graph – red = angry, blue = calm.

Here is an assignment where they evaluate different factors in a category on a Spectrum.  In this example, students are evaluating the importance of different advantages the Conquistadors had over the Aztecs in the conquest of Mexico.  Next time I am going to add more to this assignment by having students write a summary explaining why they ranked the different advantages from Most to Least Important. 

Mosaics were my FAVORITE processing assignment! You could use this with almost any topic to show parts of a whole.  This student is using her mosaic to show the events associated with the colonization of Texas. The key to getting quality work from your students is to 

give specific directions and provide models.

Have fun with your Interactive Notebooks!

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