Moving Beyond Line Leader – Classroom Management with Classroom Jobs

Stop trying to do it all! Think about your classroom procedures – what can your students do for you?  Every year I use classroom jobs and classroom cash for my discipline management system. I have a system set up where my students apply for jobs, receive pay checks for work and then pay taxes for any misbehavior. It is a self sustaining system – capable of running itself even with a sub in the room. 

The second week of school I introduce my classroom jobs system to my students. We discuss the different categories and the leadership roles available. They fill out a job application and get references for the job they are interested in. The next week I have students who want to run for Lieutenant Governor give a speech and we elect a 2nd in command. This student helps me with the warm-ups and assists the sub when I am gone.

Then the jobs begin! They get a paycheck twice a month and pay any fines at that time. At the end of each semester I have an auction for prizes. It is amazing how much a chocolate bar will sell for!

You can pick up the lesson here for free.  I hope you enjoy it!

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